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We are an organic grocery and herbalist with twenty years of experience helping you to take care of your health and nutrition. We bring you the best organic products and quality supplementation. Flavors, smells and smiles for a healthy life on a better planet.


Cosmetics and drugstore

Organic and healthy cosmetics to take care of your skin, baby products and environmentally friendly drugstore, also in bulk.

Ecological pantry

The best selection and the greatest variety in organic food, including fresh and frozen, at the best price.

Phytotherapy and supplements

Effective and quality herbal extracts and vitamins that help us improve our health: aromatherapy, diffusers and Bach flowers.

Bulk and zero waste

Cereals, legumes, nuts, pasta, cookies and other unpacked products, for a cleaner planet.


We prepare your personalized blends with more than 100 medicinal plants in bulk. Great variety of infusions and herbal teas in bags.

Our fresh food

We receive daily organic fruit and vegetables from nearby farmers, and bread and pastries from local artisans.

Special diets

Diet adapted to gluten-free, sugar-free and macrobiotic diets.


We strive to always incorporate the latest trends in plant based food.


Sensat is an independent store that seeks the quality of its entire supply, the proximity of its producers, customer satisfaction and professional advice. We work with the conviction that prevention is the way to a healthy life and ecology, the only possible way.

Our boxes

In our online store you can find a selection of the most popular products in Sensat.


Here we tell you the latest news from the organic world, recipes, interviews, workshops and our best offers.


    Our organic fruits and vegetables are also seasonal and grown in proximity. We want to make your life easier and healthier. For this we offer you a varied basket of seasonal vegetables at a fixed price of 15€.


    At Sensat, we resume our macrobiotic sessions led by the advisor Carmelo Ruiz Román, with almost 40 years of experience.


    We like it slowly. Do things calmly to savor the process and consolidate the improvements that we bring in.

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